1. Try to wash your Nudo Bra as soon as you have taken it off after wearing.
If you can’t clean it straight away then you will need to make sure you at least place your plastic cover over the adhesive to stop dust or particles sticking to it. (You will need to make sure you clean your bra before wearing it again, to ensure the adhesive is a sticky as possible for you next use.)

2. When you wash your Nudo Bra you will need to make sure you do not fold the cups and they stay in their shape.

3. Start by taking off the plastic protector’s if you haven’t done so already. (Ensure to keep these in a safe place as you will need them afterwards). Rinse your Nudo Bra under warm running water.

4. Use 1 -2 pumps of mild hand soap and gently use the palm of your hand to massage the cups and adhesive straps, to remove any oil, sweat and dirt.

Do not use your nails or anything that is abrasive as this will permanently damage the adhesive. Do not soak your bra in the water and Do not use alcohol, bleach or other cleaning solutions to wash your bra.

5. After cleaning your bra, hold them up under the tap against the running water to wash off all the soap.

6. Shake off any excess water and lay them on a dry flat surface that is as dust free as possible.
Place the cups with the adhesive facing upwards and leave overnight to ensure they are fully dry before storing away.

7. Once your Nudo Bra is fully dry, you can cover the adhesive with your plastic protector and store away in either your Storage Case or somewhere where they will not be squished out of shape.