Wash after every use
Make sure to always wash your Nudo Bra after every use. Regular washing is essential to prolong the life of your adhesive bra and keep it sticky. The adhesive does not work properly with dirt and body oil in it. It is also best to wash it straight after you take it off, before any of your sweat or dead skin cells set into the adhesive and to ensure that it will work well the next time you put it on.

Always cover the adhesive with plastic covers
Dust is the other culprit that can affect the adhesive on the cups. If you are in the habit of leaving your bra lying around, uncovered after washing, your Nudo Bra won't last long. This is because dust can settle on the cups. Tiny dust particles can be difficult to wash off, so always cover the adhesive with the plastic covers it comes with after it is washed and dry. You can also purchase additional plastic sheets as spares.

Always let your Nudo Bra air dry
Do not use a hairdryer, heater or anything with heat to help dry your Nudo Bra faster after washing, as this will damage the adhesive. Your Nudo Bra can be placed near a cool fan to help dry faster if need be. Only put your Nuda Bra away once it is completely dry.

Never use a towel or any type of cloth to pat dry your Nudo Bra as this will leave particles on your Bra and loose the stickiness of your adhesive. When drying your Nudo Bra always lay it flat (sticky side up) on a counter away from anything that could land on or touch the adhesive or hanging on a towel rack.

Apply on clean dry skin
Always make sure that your hands and chest are free from creams, lotions, perfumes or oil before applying the cups as otherwise your Nudo Bra will not stick. Moisture from these products repel the adhesive and affect the adhesive and future uses unless you get rid of it straight away, If you forgot you had cream on, and apply the cups, rinse the adhesive immediately and let the cups air dry, before trying to apply again.

Can be used multiple times
If cared for correctly your Nudo Bra can last for multiple use but they do not last for ever. After time the adhesive on your Nudo Bra may start to loose stickiness especially in some areas. You can use double sided tape on the areas that are starting to loose their stickiness to get extra wears out of your Nudo Bra.

Store your Nudo Bra in storage case
When storing your Nudo Bra you don’t want to put them anywhere where they can be squished or flattened. The Nudo storage case is the perfect option to store your Nudo bra allowing them keep them shape and great for traveling. You can also fit multiple pairs in the case.