1. Make sure your chest and neck are completely dry and free from any lotions, perfume, oils or creams, as this will affect the stickiness of your Nudo Bra.

2. It is best to have a shower or give your breasts and neck a wash with water and body wash to ensure that your skin is clean to give the most effective use of your Nudo Bra.
Another option is to use an alcohol wipe or similar to give your body a wipe down.

3. It is best to stand in front of the mirror to put your Nudo Bra on to help get the correct position and symmetry.
You will also need to tie your hair up to ensure when you are putting the strap over your shoulder no hair gets caught or stuck to the adhesive.

4. Slowly peel off the plastic protector of one of your cups. (You are going to need these when you take your Nudo Bra off so keep in a safe place.) Keep the plastic on the strap for now.

5. It is best to turn the cup inside out to help get a snug secure fit over your breast.

While lifting your breast with one hand stick the side part of your Nudo Bra with the metal wiring along the edge of your breast. (Closest to your arm)
Slowly press the rest of the cup over your breast. Trying to hold your breast up in the position you want it while putting your cup on.

6. Once your cup is securely in place and you are happy with the position. (Trying not to peel off and reapply to many times as you will weaken the adhesive.)
Peel the plastic protector off the clear strap and again lift your breast up into position. Once you’ve done that, lift and place the clear strap over your shoulder sticking it down in your desired position.

7. You then complete the steps on the other breast while standing in the mirror to try and make the lift symmetrical on each side.

8. Once you have both cups securely in place you also have the option of adding on the clear claps that can connect the two cups together giving you that ultimate cleavage.

Your Nudo Bra can be worn with or without these clasps depending on your desired look.

1. To remove your Nudo Bra gently peel the stick on bra cups off from top to bottom.

2. Make sure to slowly peel the cups off as pulling off fast can possibly make the adhesive stay stuck to the skin and can damage the bra and also may be painful.

3. If you are experiencing difficulty getting your Nudo Bra off. Go and take a hot shower which will help the adhesive loosen and you will be able to gently peel your cups off.
4. Make sure you do not put hot water directly on your Nudo Bra as this can damage it.

5. Once you have removed your Nudo Bra try to wash it straight away and leave it to dry. If you are not able to make sure you cover the adhesive with the plastic protectors before storing away.

6. Please see HOW TO CLEAN YOUR NUDO BRA?  for further details on washing and storing your Nudo Bra.